Approximately 45" wide by 6.5' tall.

45 used skateboards and assembly materials created as a nonobjective sculpture. 2017.

This piece was created as a form of representation and appreciation of the act of skateboarding. A simple activity that promotes such important ideals to myself and many others for individuality, creativity, and physicality. A simple wooden board and turning mechanism that gives individuals a multitude of experience, interaction, and sense of community.


Alongside this, the three dimensionality of the sculpture creates different perspectives and ideals to the form, along with the adhered aestheticized support bars within the form, the objective of the work is to create different viewpoints and aspects to the piece and the surroundings, just like in the way a skateboarder can take on the challenge of viewing a spot or obstacle to skate it in a different way.


Remnant is meant to simply show the possibility of connection with the art making process and skateboarding and how these two concepts and ideas can be joined together in a positive format for a plethora of different possibilities to benefit both communities.


Featured at: Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, International Sculpture Day Art Show, 2017

On loan to the park until 2018.