Portrayal? 2018

35MM Darkroom Silver Halide Photographs.


The photograph at the moment of its conception surpassed any form of creational documentation that had been available at the time frame. Continually it has been one of the most evident forms of recreation of a specific moment. However, the loss of information outside of the frame brings about the downfalls of the image. The photograph plays the truth teller and the liar at the same time, allowing for the perceived to be the idealized form, but not a completely full representation of the portrayed. This work plays on these conceptions of uncertainty, ephemera, and variance within the photograph by creating compositions that may be allow more information in the depiction. By the implementation of censorship and multiplicity of controlled documentation, the lack of information creates a more differentiated depiction of the subject.  Extending beyond the bounds of their person to delineate them as they would in reality, and the lack of information of personal contact rather than two-dimensional rendition.