Oneself. 2018

Photographic Imagery & Digital Collage Elements.

Within the generalized perceptions of identity come the formulation of each and every person and their own comprehension of their respective selves. Though it is true that the consistent growth and natural elements create certain qualities, the nurtured mind and the various environmental circumstances, whether it is through specific communal discourse groups or through technological internet interactions, creates another general personification of said being. Through these different interactions we create different stylizations and eccentricities, build different layers and walls, and open and close different doors, for the different interactions individuals go through. The plethora of other projected realizations and understandings of ourselves and one another come together to formulate identity through different open and closed areas of life. This series explores these concepts and then employs these concepts in unison with

self-aestheticized censoring to create new compositions further delving into these interactions as individuals.