InAuthentic. 2017.

Series of portrait photographs, digitally manipulated, bordered and overlay collaged with form and various typefaces.

CW: Content contains continual amounts of time based change at fast paced speeds

This collection of images explores the idea of what it means to be authentic in the world of art today. German philosopher Walter Benjamin, in his article, "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" discusses the idea that in the current time frame, with extensive amounts of possibility for recreation, the idea of digital media in the art world causes works of art to now lose value to him, therefore losing their "Aura or Authenticity," unlike traditionalist mediums like painting. From further reading into the ideas of authenticity within the works of Andrew Potter's text "The Authenticity Hoax," and Ben G. Yacobi's article "The Limits of Authenticity," exploring the idea of something that is inherently defined as authentic is used as a status-seeking symbol. Therefore what defines something as authentic is for the most part, simply used to degrade newer forms of content creation simply because they work in a different realm with different possibilities and outcomes.

Stemming from these ideas, this series, with the use of collage, rotating imagery and type, attempts to explore new possibilities of compositions within the original photographs through censorship of content due to the lack of aura and authenticity in the mechanically reproducible work.