Idealism. 2017.

Collection of appropriated images, Digitally distorted and collaged. 

This collection attempts to explore the ideas within the commercialized aspects of today's society, and how in some form or another, most people become sucked into some sort of culture or subculture or discourse community. From this people tend to idealize certain figures to a great extent. Knowing this, but also realizing that these figures are still just everyday people that have their own personal lives, perspectives and emotions, that most people will never get to truly experience and interact with, causing most people to be left with a generalized sense of idealism placing said figure on a pedestal, but then not knowing truly enough information for the standards said figure is held to, leaving a sense dissonance within idealism.

Kimya Dawson
Joan Jett
Jimi Hendrix
Frank N Furter
Childish Gambino
Sandy Alex G
Dylan Rieder
Courtney Barnett
Audrey Hepburn
Lou Reed
Frank Ocean
Jana Hunter
Bob Dylan
Stevie Nicks
Angel Olsen
BB King
Andy Warhol
Mazzy Star, Hope Sandoval
Kendrick Lamar
David Bowie