ICC (Internet Circulated Collage). 2017.

Portrait photographs overlaid and collaged with internet-based imagery.

In an article titled A Sea of Data: Apophenia and Pattern (Mis)Recognition by Hito Steyerl, she discusses the idea of data consistently being everywhere, and the norm now of data recognition is put into the viewpoint of a recognition seeing the intelligible. This plays into the consistent flood and progression of pushed information and spam like content that is put into display to the majority of viewers today, and the abundance of this information that floods the viewer throughout the day to day routine. Taking these excerpts into perspective, and the vast amount data; thinking about the continual surfacing of internet content and information now, using these aspects of this belligerent amount of data in unison with shot photograph. This is done by pulling from this free sourced image content, to veneer the original imagery. Unsplash is used as an open source interface where photographers openly post their content. This work becomes openly available to anyone, basically turning the intricacies of their content into stock imagery. Then exploring this sea of data, and the plethora of information posted to this open source site the collection of images in relation to the content of the shot portraits are used to create base overlay imagery to cut and create these compositions.