Jesse Ly (B. 1997) is an artist originating from Dayton OH, who now currently resides and works in Cincinnati, OH. He is presently enrolled at the University of Cincinnati’s college of DAAP with intentions of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with minors in Art History and Critical Visions.

Ly is a visual artist who uses a photographic approach to his work that incorporates elements of sculpture, installation, videography, bookmaking, design, and text. His practice is rooted in broader concepts of identity through portraiture, which looks into how representational images may create differentiation in presence, portrayal, and individuality.


These concepts surface in both forms of self-analyzation and then differing outside perspectives by examining how people identify or are depicted. Ly’s work investigates the ever-shifting archetypes of persona and the pragmatics of representation in identities via physical and digital manipulation and the re-creation of the quasi-various states the represented subjects preside. The building of compositions presents subjects in visual formats that delineate the subject in differentiated fashions, emphasizing the complexity and indexicality imagery can formulate. This allows the works to re-contextualize how the subject matter is perceived through art objects and depictions.