Jesse Ly (B. 1997) is an artist originating from Dayton OH, who now currently resides and works in Cincinnati, OH. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with minors in Art History and Critical Visions from the University of Cincinnati’s college of DAAP (2020).

Ly is a visual artist who primarily uses a photographic approach that incorporates processes of sculpture, installation, bookmaking, and writing to inform imagery. His work explores identity through representation in photographs and its liminal qualities of existence. This examines how photographic depictions may incite differentiation in presence and portrayal through representation versus actuality.


These concepts surface in formats of self-analyzation, fixating on how Ly himself and those he has immediate discursive relationships with exists through photographs. By utilizing these objects, a further dialog of the relationships of image making, existence, and conceptual formulation is apprehended. Examining these images indexical qualities, a visual exploration of physical space and objecthood exemplifies photographic liminality. The building of these compositions incites a re-contextualization of perception and depiction of their relationships.